Transponder Keys

Transponders are little electronic gizmos similar to the three in the above picture. The code within the transponder is unique to your vehicle. There are many different transponders and millions of codes.

It is possible to have a key with a transponder (no or incorrect transponder will prevent your car from starting).

This option consists of a working key to physically open your car door (No remote facility) and then to turn your ignition barrel and to start your car.

Transponder Keys

This can be a back up to your remote key to ensure you have TWO keys minimum to START your car.

Having only ONE key can lead to a very expensive and inconvenient time if you lose it!

This is normally a straight forward job whilst you wait.

Please note that this option is NOT available on some vehicles with alarm systems. However, many vehicles will switch off the alarm when you turn the ignition on.

Just open your door without using the remote and turn your ignition on (start the car) to see if the alarm stops!